Just a mom with a keyboard…and too many thoughts

Well,here I finally am. A girl who dreamed of being an author someday, a girl who asked for a typewriter for many Christmases, who adored the American Girl Doll Kitt Kittredge, who wrote story after story,poem after poem, to wind up sitting in my living room in my P.J’s at almost noon while my youngest child draws and listens to Caillou (all parents know my pain) as background noise. Hair still in the ponytail from yesterday with the leftover smudges of mascara under my eyes. And I’m pretty sure I’ve grabbed these P.J pants at least three or four times out of the pile of dirty laundry I say I’ll get to everyday but never do. Starting a blog.

A blog I’m sure will go unnoticed, unread. I’m a twenty-five year old mother of two, who cares what I have to say and what do I know about getting followers? I’m lucky if a get more than five likes on a picture on Instagram or Facebook. Forget about Twitter…that’s one I’ve never gotten the hang of. And Snapchat, who has the time to constantly take picture after picture for a conversation? And if I’m honest, who cares? At twenty-five, I’m too old to keep up with all of that. I have two kids, two dogs, a boyfriend, and an almost ex-husband. And nobody really cares.

Let’s be honest, how many times do we log on to social media and scroll through our newsfeed and roll our eyes and just keep on scrolling? Unless it’s a cute baby or a dog/cat…do we really even care? We’re all guilty of it. I might read a few statuses or captions on a picture and think

“Hmm,that’s cute…aw,adorable…Suggested friends?Hell no…Another new boyfriend for her?At least the last one lasted a few weeks….She’s pregnant again?! That’s like,six under six?! Damn….Oh,yay,another person started the ItWorks crap…He got a cool new car,cool for him.”

But do I ever actually like anything? Nope. Maybe once in a blue moon so people know I’m silently creeping on them. How many of us actually communicate with our friends on there? I talk to like,five people. Two of them on Facebook.

So what am I doing starting a blog? Who knows. I sure as hell don’t. Am I going to be inspiring to others? Probably not. But I do know this…I have a crazy life. I have a wonderfully crazy,hectic life that I love. A life full of truths and stories and so much I want to share with the world. Stories that’ll make people laugh and probably judge me as a mother and make you think I belong in a mental facility. But I want to follow part of my dream. I want my words out there…even if nobody is reading. They’ll be out there for me to look back on and at least I’ll know I tried to share my words.

Well…that’s enough rambling for the first post. Maybe in the next one I’ll introduce myself and my story a little better. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Until Next Time,

Just A Mom With A Keyboard💋


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