Just a guy&girl….

Have you ever met someone and just knew they were “the one?” Me either. At least not at first. The first date my boyfriend and I went on was completely awkward. Moments of awkward silence, dead end conversations, and a weird waitress that made the whole thing completely strange. After we finished our meal, I was just ready for him to take me back to my car so I could go home. But he made the suggestion for us to go to the beach. I’ll admit, I wanted to say no. But I didn’t want to be rude and to be honest, I’ve never seen the nightlife of our local beach. So..I said sure.

Let me start by saying that the beach at night is NOT romantic at all. It’s creepy. Like, murdery creepy. The waves crashing and pitch blackness made the night even more awkward. He told stories I didn’t really know how to respond to. More dead conversations. More just standing in silence looking off in different directions. He finally took me back to my car, which I had parked at his apartment complex and we stood and talked for a few minutes before I left. No kiss goodbye, no “I look forward to doing this again.” Nothing. I was sure that was the end of that and didn’t think twice about him on my hour drive home.

Until he texted me shortly before I got home,asking if I had made it home safely and that he had really enjoyed my company. He called me the next day and we had our nightly conversations,which always flowed wonderfully. I had wondered if maybe him and I would end up just being phone friends, talking and never really hanging out. He talked to me about our date, how it was really nerve-wracking for him because it was his first date that wasn’t about just a hookup,I was the first to make it clear I wasn’t that kind of girl. (Side note:we met on Tinder and within the first five minutes of conversation he made remarks about being horny and wanted to send pictures on Snapchat. I said no,if that’s all he wanted he could find it somewhere else. He didn’t.) He had a higher level of respect for me which made him really nervous. He talked about how after awhile, he just found this peace being with me, something he hadn’t felt in awhile. He stopped short of basically telling me he could fall in love with me,which he hinted at. I chalked up my end of the awkwardness as it was the first date I didn’t have a ton of alcohol to calm myself and when he asked me on a second date I said sure.

We grabbed some beers and hung out at his place, playing different card games and him showing me magic tricks, talking out on the balcony. It was the best,relaxing,easygoing date I had ever been on. And in one of the moments of him talking passionately about being in the Navy, I felt it. I felt the spark everyone always writes about. I knew in that moment I wanted him,forever. I wanted him to love me,to be the one. I felt that he was.

When I left that night, he begged me to stay a little bit longer. I’m pretty sure he was prolonging me leaving so he could work up the nerve to kiss me. I got tired of waiting, so I walked up to him,put my hands on his cheeks, said I would stay if I could, and kissed him. Oh,was it the best first kiss ever. One I’ll never forget.

Some people may say we rushed into our relationship a little bit, but when you know,you know. And we both knew. He met my kids about a month later,and they just swooned over him. My youngest wanted him to carry her,leaned her head on his shoulder. She fell in love with him just like that,and she’s usually very shy around strangers. I was in awe at how quickly she took to him. My son was the same way,tugging at his shirt,wanting to sit by him and tell him all about his life. The three of them bonded so quickly. We immediately felt like a complete family. My kids would ask to talk to him each time he called,he would include them in some of our dates. We all moved in together about two months later. We don’t have the perfect relationship,nobody does,but it’s pretty close. He’s taken on the father role for my kids,helping me in every way that he can,helping them grow into the people they will be. We love and support each other on the bad days,and we laugh and play on the good days.

Fast forward eight months after our first date and we’re buying a house,planning our future together. Picking out living room decor and bedding for the kids. My daughter calls him daddy, (her choice and her doing) and my son excitedly trying to be just like him. When I left a horrible,loveless marriage three years ago with an almost two year old and three year old,I never thought I’d have what I have today. I never thought my kids would ever know what a father was. I didn’t think I’d get my happily ever after. And now here I am,thanking God and counting my lucky stars every night for this amazing man that will someday be my husband,the man I will grow old with,the best father my kids will ever know. And I can’t help but wonder how I got so wonderfully blessed to deserve this life.

Until Next Time,

Just A Mom With A Keyboardđź’‹


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